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 Beginner tips for the World of Warcraft

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PostSubject: Beginner tips for the World of Warcraft   Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:20 pm

Beginner tips for the World of Warcraft:

1- When grouping for an instance, establish the rules for loot BEFORE you begin

2- Create an alternate character (alt) and leave them parked in a major city so you can send them items to sell on the AH (bank mule)

3- A good way of making money is choosing gathering professions such as herbalism, skinning or mining

4- A good way of making money is finding a niche, use your profession to find items people need for quests such as: deadly blunderbuss, advanced target dummy, iron buckles etc

5- Farm at off peak times, maybe an hour before you go to work in the morning is the best time to mine copper etc in a heavily populated server

6- After you finish an instance and discover the group you were with to be a good one, ask them if you can /friend them for future groups. Not necessary to ask but lets them know you appreciated them

7- When shopping at the auction house for a certain item (i.e. silk cloth) scroll down and see if there is a yellow arrow for another page...its possible lower prices are on another page. Don't take the first price you see

8- When forming a new guild, make sure you "spell" the guild name properly when you register it

9- When pvping, always ask if there is a raid group...the kills are shared between the raid members

10- If you are on a PVP server, try to complete quests in groups (safety in numbers) or become a member of a guild that helps it's members when they are being ganked while questing

11- When questing and you must kill a "named" spawn, ask in general chat if there is anyone else that needs that spawn as well. It will not only avoid conflicts with others but might earn you a friend and questing buddy as well.

I will expand this list as new ideas come to me---enjoy !


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Beginner tips for the World of Warcraft
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